Our Mission…hmmm, we were on a Mission here?

Up A Creek is here to serve one purpose: Fun! Let us repeat that. Fun! Our mantra that will repeat itself over and over is “If You have a Bad Time, It’s Your Own Fault!”

If there is any one thing that a day on the Kaw will provide you, it is a relaxing and fun adventure. We believe that everyone deserves a day of relaxation… Yes, even you. If none of our scheduled events look right for you, tell us what would.

How it all began…

In the spring of 2006 Uncle Ron* and Puppy were discussing life’s problems over martinis. After several rounds, the conversation turned to something like this:

Uncle Ron: Puppy…can you still get a hold of a canoe?

Puppy:  Sure, I think so.

Uncle Ron: Then do it, because this is gonna be the summer of the canoe!

Many years, canoes, kayaks, and multiple boat trailers later, we’re still on this adventure!

We won’t promise to get you down the river but we can promise to get you up a creek…Paddles are optional!

*More on Uncle Ron’s journey here – Uncle Ron’s Goodbye Page.