Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Absolutely! We know how much everyone loves a good page of legalese, and we wouldn’t want to disappoint. You can get your waivers ahead of time and save yourself the hassle at the boat ramp. Download the waivers here!

How do I make a reservation?

We’re currently looking into building an online reservation booking system, but we’re not quite there yet. In the meantime, use the Contact Us form to get in touch with the Up a Creek staff for reservations or any other inquiries.

What if I’ve never been in a canoe/kayak?

Before you go canoeing, there are some important things you should know to keep yourself safe.

Click here for our page on Canoeing Basics.

Are kayaks easy to tip over?

Well, if you have seen “The Perfect Storm” then you know you can roll any
boat over. Kayaks have an much undeserved reputation for being tippy,
however. People look at a wide canoe and a narrow kayak and assume that
the canoe is much more stable. The difference is in the center of
gravity in both boats. A canoe has to be wider because the paddler is
up higher in the boat. We can make kayaks narrower (which increases
performance) because you are sitting very low in the boat. In a kayak
you also have the advantage of your paddle. Just like a tightrope
walker you have a pole held across your body that increases your
balance. So in practice, kayaks aren’t any more tippy than canoes or
any other small boats.

What are the age restrictions?

Up a Creek offers floats for adults only (21 and over) and also all-ages floats. For the all-ages floats, children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Unless a float on our calendar is specifically designated “adults only”, you can assume that people of all ages are welcome to join. If you’re interested in scheduling a custom float, use the Contact Us page and be sure to identify your specific needs, including the age range of your group.

What about bad weather?

Cancellations due to bad weather will be decided on the day of the float. In the event of a cancellation due to bad weather, the float will be rescheduled for the first available weekend. Refunds can be made through PayPal or keep a store credit for an upcoming float.  If the weather is questionable on the day of your float, contact Up a Creek by phone to verify.