ATTEND UAC Scheduled Weekend single day (sun-up to sun-down) Floats:
Kayak (seating for 1): $60.00
Tandem kayak (seating for 2): $90.00
Canoe (seating for up to 3 persons): $100.00
Standup Paddle Board (SUP – limited # in fleet): $50.00

RENTAL – You pickup:
Kayak (seating for 1): $50.00
Tandem kayak (seating for 2): $70.00
Canoe (seating for up to 3 persons): $90.00
SUP – limited # in fleet): $40.00
Trailer Rental – trailer rental $100.00
Perry, Clinton, Lone Star : $75.00 per trailer

Other Waterways : contact for pricing

Fees listed include the following:

  • Boat rental (canoe, kayak, or SUP, as specified)
  • Three canoe paddles, or one kayak paddle (two for the tandem kayak), or one SUP paddle (based on craft rented)
  • Life vest for each individual
  • Transportation: See Below

Types of Floats and Transportation:  

UAC Sponsored Float – see Calendar, everyone welcome at all levels!
• There is no transportation charge for pre-scheduled (calendared) UAC floats.
• Drop-off and pick-up of the rental equipment also provided.

Yoga and Meditation Floats are an additional $10 per person.

• Sunset floats are an addition $20 per person.

Private Party Float down the KawContact us to schedule a private float! Transportation is from take-out to put-in so that your vehicles are waiting for you at the end of the float.
• Transportation for private floats is $10 per person up to 14 people.
• Transportation of 15 or more paddlers (3rd party bus) – $250
• Transport of the rental equipment is included with the rental fees

Rental You Pick Up – See pricing above.